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The Titan tools for success also include a wide variety of thru-tubing tools for coil tubing applications that range from power-driven mud motors, a wide selection of mills, thru-tubing fishing tools, that can handle any project ranging from vertical, horizontal and highly deviated wells, the use of an Titan Actuator allows access to greater depths by reducing friction lock caused by helical buckling. Titan is capable to handle harsh conditions in horizontal wells, simplifying the process of milling plugs, seats, valves, concrete, etc. 


Roller Cone Mill


3 Blade Drag Mill


Baseball Stitch Mill


Hurricane Bit Mill


Butterfly Mill


Coil Tubing Connector



Coil Tubing Connector


Back Pressure Valve

Titan uses Bico’s Spirostar,the number one motor on the market in the oil and gas industry. BICO's line of Thru Tubing motors is designed specifically for the harsh conditions you encounter every day. The unique SpiroStar Power Sections offer radically improved performance in extreme temperatures, chemical, nitrogen or other environments where aromatics have hindered motor performance in the past. This proven technology uses a thin layer of rubber over a steel lobe to overcome hysteresis which could lead to chunking or premature failure.

BICO's SpiroStar technology has been field proven over the last 5 years. It will complete jobs where others fail such as difficult cleanouts, fishing, cutting under reaming or milling operations. Some operators have included SpiroStar technology in their well prognosis based on previous performance. Click here to visit BICO.


If the body of your Thru Tubing motor has a spiral design, then you can have confidence it is a SpiroStar Power Section and you have the most robust power section our industry can offer.



Breathable Rubber for Nitrogen • Hot Hole Elastomers  
Shorter Tool Lengths • Availability of 2-7/8 Stator Relines

Motor Head Assembly