Coiled Tubing Technology


Titan PetroServices Coiled Tubing Data Acquisition System:

  • Provides Real-time Operator Information during the job
    • Measured parameters - creates improved job execution
    • Calculated parameters - reduces on-site failures by monitoring conditions for:
      • Collapse
      • Yield
      • Tubing Fatigue
  • Provide Job Documentation
    • Customer and Titan PetroServices records
    • Plots, strip charts, and tabular printouts
    • Event log
    • Post-job analysis through job data disks
    • History of tubing life for each job over the life of the tubing - quality control

Titan PetroServices - Cerberus Software Package

  • Utilizes Field Proven Fatigue Modeling Alogorithms
  • Tracks Fatigue Life on Titan Coiled Tubing Strings
  • Tracks Job Histories
  • Model's Coiled Tubing Limits for Burst and Collapse Pressures and Axial loads - Prejob or On-Site
  • Model's minimum and maximum surface weight limits
  • Incorporates Hydraulics Simulator
  • Predict Diameter Growth
  • Real Time Monitoring