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Titan Petro Services is taking the lead in oil and gas productivity by taking care of its own.

Being a leader in oil and gas production means being on the cutting edge of technology ... and having the right people in place to execute it.

That's why Titan has developed this Coil Shack. A portable home away from home for site workers. For those all-night and multiple-night jobs, Titan's workers now have a place to be rested and refreshed on-site.

Engineering services and well site planning are included in the comprehensive platform that Titan offers across the Permian Basin.  By featuring the newest equipment and the most innovative technology in the industry, Titan customers have access to all the tools needed for success.  Quality data acquisition and state-of-the art monitoring software provide accurate fatigue tracking, lock up modeling, basic hydraulics, operational calibration and post assignment reporting on all Titan projects.