Mission Statement

Titan is an Oil and Gas Services Company set out to provide the highest quality of professional service and safety to its customers in every aspect of its provided services. Titan has a wide range of packaged business lines in today’s Oil and Gas market, bringing some of the highest experience from start to finish in all pressure controled environments. Titan utilizes experienced personnel with local experience to deliver proven results with cost effective solutions that enhance the production of energy.


Our Vision

To bring together all the products utilized in the Coiled Tubing Industry into one complete plan. We have a wide selection of services to deliver in every pressure control solution.  Having the attitude to uphold one of the leading service reputations in our industry is what makes us the best.


Our Shared Values

  • People - Titan is a firm believer in their employees spending time with their families. We are a family driven company, and encourage open communication and respect for others.

  • Quality - Providing the ultimate services to our customers with full customer satisfaction.  

  • Health - The health of our employees is a key factor to enable them to perform to the best of their abilities.

  • Safety - Utilizing accident prevention in all our surroundings to protect our employees in all environments in which we work.

  • Environmental - Developing a risk assessment system in the Oil & Gas Service Industry is of utmost importance.

  • Customer - Faster Mob/Demob than a conventional rig, faster trip times than conventional rigs, and continuous circulation during tripping – better hole cleaning and penetration.